Re flocks

  • Heads restoration consists of stripping the original flock chemically to avoid causing any damage to the original head.The eyes are then masked out using  a mouldable laboratory putty.The face is then thoroughly cleaned.

  • A new base coat matching the original colour is then painted over the existing one to to give a solid base.

  • We then touch up  the  eyebrows, face, Lips and scars  to a minimum to keep original features.

  • The Heads are then re flocked using a high grade epoxy resin to ensure a long and durable flock life with a nice professional and full finish,using a 2mm flock which has been professionally color matched to the original colours from pristine boxed figures from my own collection.

  • We buy the flock in larger batches which is mixed professionally so that every batch is identical to the last batch keeping them all the same shades.

  • All heads are  re flocked using the 2mm quality flock keeping  the original flock and style.  

  • The heads are then left for 48 to 36 hours allowing the epoxy resin to fully cure and adhere to the head.

What makes us different from other flocking companies

  • Quality workmanship
  • Finest Materials
  • Always contactable
  • Detached heads refitted for free
  • Fast and efficient friendly service
  • Fair postage prices

Face cleaned Eyebrows,lips and scar repainted Re flocked &  Eagle eye heads re attached for free

Reflock Price list 

  1. Head    £3.50  
  2. Heads  £7.00
  3. Heads  £10.00
  4. Heads  £13.00
  5. Heads  £15.00

Return postage is £4.95  Signed for up to 20 Heads

Post To

Vaman Restorations

468 Leigh Road,


Greater Manchester,

BL5 2JX..