Vintage Action Man nude figure restored, re-flocked, restrung

body and arms with replacement hands 

Figure Parts

  • Only original vintage action man parts are used for the figures restrung body and head.
  • The Body.  All shoulder and hip joints are cleaned to aid better pose setting.
  • Restrung body and arms using super polyester flat elastic capable of returning to its original shape.
  • Shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist and ankle joints have been reset and tightened.


  • All heads re flocked as per the original flock and style.  Re flocked using a 2mm Flock, using only the finest flocks available on the market.
  • Adhered with a high grade epoxy resin to ensure a long and durable flock life with a nice professional and full finish.
  • Repainted eyebrows and face touch up to a minimum to keep original features.


  • Reproduction hard and rubber gripping hands are supplied by Modellers Loft.
  • Rubber gripping hands are fitted to the original hand stalks, using a rubber glue and not superglue which goes hard and brittle, rubber glue prolongs the life of the bond.
  • Hard hands are fitted to the original forearms which are re bored for a better fit and allowing rotation as the reproduction hands are very tight to fit and don't rotate without alterations.

Also available in additional styles and colours.


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